Questions about SledGO?

On this page we answer frequently asked questions about SledGO light e-vehicle. More questions can be asked via contact page.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Q.     Do You manufacture SledGOs in Finland?


Yes, SledGOs are designed and made in Oulu Finland.

Q.     How much does one SledGO cost?


We plan to keep the customer price under 3000€.


Q.     Are there pedals on SledGO?


No, there is no pedals on SledGO, because it is not pedal assisted e-vehicle. SledGO is full electric vehicle.  Most controls are made with hands on handlebar.


Q.      Where can I drive with SledGO?


You can drive on cycle paths, soft ways and where ever You bicycle. (foreign laws may be different than EU laws)


Q.      Where can I park SledGO?


You can park where ever You park Your bicycle. (foreign laws may be different than EU laws)


Q.      What age do You have to be to drive SledGO in traffic?


There is no compulsory EU law about that. But we recommend that children aged 7-10 years drive only with their parents. Older than 10 years old can drive themselves as long as they know the traffic rules.


Q.      What taxes and payments are there when I buy SledGO?


At first there is no automobile tax, ground vehicle tax nor fuel taxes. You only pay cost price like You were buying bicycle. There is no registration fees either.


One charge of SledGO battery costs about 10 euro cents. There is no parking fees, rush hour fees, license fees etc. You can drive it with Your home insurance. You probably won't be able to get parking fees with unregistered vehicle either.


Of course there might be some national differences in this.


Q.      What kind of insurance do You need for SledGO?


At least in Finland, You don't need insurance, but we recommend liability insurance. You can get those with the insurance for Your home.


Q.      How much can SledGO carry?


The total load is 200 kg. With a trailer +50kg.


Q.      How is driving safety taken into account in the design of SledGO?


We have chosen the most noticeable colors on SledGO. In addition, it has a 1.5m high flag at the back that a car driver may notice it easily. SledGO has also reflectors and lights. The design of the front part is also made such that it is as smooth and harmless as possible if touching for example pedestrians. Body construction of SledGO also protects passengers. For safety reasons SledGO has efficient disc brakes and it's steering is made very accurate and agile.


When cycling or walking it is always advisable to take into account bigger and stronger road users and adapt our own speed accordingly. SledGO has absolutely no constructions that prohibits observation of other road users.


Q.      Is it possbile to use vehicle in rain and in winter?


In the rain, you can use the weather protection shield that keeps you and the goods dry. Water and dust proof base prevents wet and dirt to splash on You and Your belongings.


In winter, the same weather protection shield protects from the  cold wind. The front cover also stops the wind affecting You. Easily removable and lockable battery (~4kg) is advisable to bring to warm place for charging in winter. Three wheeled construction protects well from falling on ice. Slush and snow slows down SledGO probably much less than Your bicycle.


Please note that in SledGO you do not have to do physical work that would cause moisture from sweat inside the raincoat. The weather protection can not even stick to pedals because there are no such.


Q.      Why would I buy SledGO when I may get somehow similar products from Far East for a fraction of the price?


Please define "similar" first. There is not similar products on the market and there will not be, because of patents and trade dress. Yes, there are electric wagons, electric bicycles, choppers, Segway, pedal cars, quad bikes, mopeds and the like, but not product with the same features.


Sledgo's essential features include: three wheels and stable structure, water and dust proof base, open bodywork, optional weather protection, no misting glasses, no need to use limited battery capacity to heat the cabin nor the wind shield, seat / seats, transport space for more people or goods, no pedals, electric motor, no unnecessary heavy structures (lead batteries, gears etc.), a sufficient range, designed to comply with new EU regulations, maximum speed of 25km/h, 80cm maximum width, free access to cycle paths or soft ways usage, freedom from insurance / driving license etc., not intended as competing products solely for the use of persons with reduced mobility nor mainly for use on the terrain.


There are many things to buy from cheap import countries, but you should be careful with the quality. Many promises made are not met and there may be shortcomings in safety. When ordering from cheap import countries, shipping and customs duties will be on top, even possible anti-dumping duties and VAT, so when considering cheapness these should also be taken into account. When importing goods from outside the EU, you are also the importer yourself with it's responsibilities like safety, accidents, garanties etc... For more information (in Finland): https://tulli.fi/artikkeli/-/asset_publisher/tulli-vinkkaa-verkosta-tilattu-polkupyora-tai-sen-osat-voivat-tulla-kalliiksi


Please remember that the closer something is made, the smaller carbon footprint it has.